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Tag Cost and Performance

Your choice of active RFID tag largely determines system cost and performance limits.

ISO 18000-7 standards-based tags implement a broad range of capability. The practical result is an expensive tag that does many things. If you need global interoperability, then RF-IDI's system can accommodate ISO 18000-7 based tags & readers.

However, most customers just need a reliable, long life tag that can successfully communicate in difficult environments. When it comes to signal penetration through interference, range, battery life, real-time response to dynamic asset movement, scalability and cost, the purpose-built, beacon-only RFCode tag is hard to beat.

Why spend $75 or more per tag when a $20 - $30 tag and the right system design can deliver a high performance beacon-only solution?

RF Code tags deliver superior performance by using a short data packet length and value by narrowing functionality to a focused mission - transmit the presence of a unique identifier at frequent intervals - even in difficult environments.

If you need a higher level of locating precision, step up to RFind's patiented Tag-to-Tag™ communication technology. It's the most cost effective way to implement true RTLS when you need to know exactly 'where?'

Whatever your choice of tag technology, RF*IDI's SmartReader platform integrates seamlessly. For the very best value, it is possible to deploy a mixed technology tag solution and collect, manage and view all data in one platform. The result is a powerful marriage of hardware and software that delivers the best return on investment (ROI) in the industry.

RF Code
RF Code provides enterprise-class active RFID technology used to discover, track and monitor the condition of critical assets, inventory and personnel. Customers demand RF Code products when they need to build dedicated, scalable asset tracking solutions. RF Code's technology products contribute directly to enhancing safety, optimizing workflow, complying with accounting mandates, verifying chains of custody, maximizing security, ensuring service level agreements, improving logistical visibility and generating high levels of condition-aware and context-aware enterprise asset data.

RF Code Website
RFind’s technology is unique in the RFID and RTLS industry. Not only are their products wireless, scalable, global, and affordable – their patented Tag-to-Tag™ technology doesn’t require you to invest into a huge infrastructure to implement real time asset locating in your environment, adding flexibility, portability and pragmatism to RTLS. You don’t need to run wires or try to retrofit expensive towers into your already restrictive manufacturing environment. The tags do all the work!

RFind Website
Savi Solutions support the full spectrum of tagging options leveraging active and passive RFID, bar code, UID, RTLS, GPS and sensors. Building on 20 years of commercial and government experience, Savi has extensive experience in helping organizations match the right tagging technology to the right business need.

Savi Website
Advanced Digital Logic
Advanced Digital Logic Inc (ADL), located in San Diego, California, is a very well known provider of a variety of industrial single board computers, systems, peripherals and accessories for "embedded" and "stand alone" applications. All products are designed and manufactured under ISO 9001 with state-of-the-art equipment and tested during production at the factory. Advanced Digital Logic serves customers in a variety of markets, including but not limited to Military, Medical, Transportation, Communication, Security, Process Control, and Science.

Advanced Digital Logic Website
Panasonic Toughbook®
With super-long battery life, integrated wireless LAN and optional wireless WAN, GPS capabilities and more, the ruggedized Panasonic Toughbook® allows you to stay connected from anywhere. These Toughbook® computers are manufactured to endure 3-foot drops and to withstand violent shocks and vibrations. They are fabricated to operate at temperatures over 140° and below -20° Fahrenheit and function both at high altitude and under increased atmospheric pressure. The rugged Toughbook line has been designed using MIL-STD-810F test procedures to measure levels of environmental reliability.

Panasonic Toughbook® Website

RF*IDI software makes world-class hardware greater than the sum of its parts!

RF*IDI Active RFID Tracking software is specifically designed to put key business data into your hands, while enabling easy integration into your environment.

RF*IDI's Active RFID Reader solution (Smart-Reader) only requires Wi-Fi access (802.11b) or a broadband cellular connection to the internet and access to 12VDC or 120VAC.

For granular tracking of events within the sphere of one RF Smart-Reader, add IR tracking capability of as many location-related events as you like with just a 120VAC power source at each location. No other connections required!

RF*IDI provides access to a global database tailored to your business model and a web application to get you up and running in days, not weeks!

For immediate Active RFID Tracking, without any infrastructure requirements, use the RF*IDI mobile RFID tracking solution, available on multiple computing platforms, as either a stand-alone device, or linked to an RF*IDI server database via Wi-Fi (802.11b) or a broadband-cellular connection.

Installation doesn't get any easier than this!