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Tag Cost and Performance

Your choice of active RFID tag largely determines system cost and performance limits.

ISO 18000-7 standards-based tags implement a broad range of capability. The practical result is an expensive tag that does many things. If you need global interoperability, then RF-IDI's system can accommodate ISO 18000-7 based tags & readers.

However, most customers just need a reliable, long life tag that can successfully communicate in difficult environments. When it comes to signal penetration through interference, range, battery life, real-time response to dynamic asset movement, scalability and cost, the purpose-built, beacon-only RFCode tag is hard to beat.

Why spend $75 or more per tag when a $20 - $30 tag and the right system design can deliver a high performance beacon-only solution?

RF Code tags deliver superior performance by using a short data packet length and value by narrowing functionality to a focused mission - transmit the presence of a unique identifier at frequent intervals - even in difficult environments.

If you need a higher level of locating precision, step up to RFind's patiented Tag-to-Tag™ communication technology. It's the most cost effective way to implement true RTLS when you need to know exactly 'where?'

Whatever your choice of tag technology, RF*IDI's SmartReader platform integrates seamlessly. For the very best value, it is possible to deploy a mixed technology tag solution and collect, manage and view all data in one platform. The result is a powerful marriage of hardware and software that delivers the best return on investment (ROI) in the industry.

RF Code

M100-i 433 MHz IR Tag
The 433 MHz M100-i tag is a battery-powered RF transmitter that attaches to items that need to be tracked, located and identified. Every tag broadcasts its unique ID and a status message at a periodic rate. M100-i Tags are also equipped with on-board infrared (IR) and motion sensors. Optional tamper detection is also available. With a proven track record and an active rfid tag cost at the low end of the scale, the combination of active rfid tag price and performance makes this tag a solid foundation upon which to build a highly capable active rfid tracking system.

M250 Fixed Reader
The 433 MHz M250 fixed active rfid reader interprets and reports the radio frequency messages emitted by RF Code tags, with an active rfid range of up to 1000 feet (with optional custom antenna configurations). Tag transmissions can be processed in real-time to quickly locate and identify tagged assets or personnel in defined areas. The fixed reader is linked to an embedded computing solution running RF*IDI software for unattended data capture and upload to a server database.

M220 Mobile Reader
The M220 mobile active rfid reader interprets and reports the radio frequency messages emitted by RF Code’s M100-series active RFID tags, with an active rfid range of up to 70 meters. Signal strength information is available for each tag processed. Tag transmissions are processed in real time which enables asset managers to quickly locate and identify tagged assets. The mobile reader is linked to a mobile computing solution running RF*IDI software to deliver complete data capture and reporting capability, either as a stand-alone unit or linked to a server database.

A740 Room Locator
The Room Locator is an IR (infrared) signaling unit used with IR-enabled tags to provide a method of monitoring status changes in tagged assets based on a defined location. Each Room Locator transmits an infrared pulse pattern containing a unique 3-digit location code. IR-enabled tags monitor their environment for incoming IR signals and periodically report both their own unique ID and the applicable IR location code. Tag transmissions can be processed in real-time to quickly define location-related events pertaining to an asset. Large populations of tags can be monitored for specific events using a single RF reader. Since the location of tagged assets is determined via IR status reports, there is no need for complicated triangulation algorithms.

Extended Range Antenna
A pair of these fiberglass and aluminum omnidirectional antennas can be connected to the M200 Fixed Reader using a 15 foot coaxial cable, to provide maximum possible range in all directions. Designed to be mounted to a vertical mast. When using in environments requiring extended length coaxial cable, an in-line RF amplifier is needed to compensate for attenuation due to cable length.

RF*IDI software makes world-class hardware greater than the sum of its parts!

RF*IDI Active RFID Tracking software is specifically designed to put key business data into your hands, while enabling easy integration into your environment.

RF*IDI's Active RFID Reader solution (Smart-Reader) only requires Wi-Fi access (802.11b) or a broadband cellular connection to the internet and access to 12VDC or 120VAC.

For granular tracking of events within the sphere of one RF Smart-Reader, add IR tracking capability of as many location-related events as you like with just a 120VAC power source at each location. No other connections required!

RF*IDI provides access to a global database tailored to your business model and a web application to get you up and running in days, not weeks!

For immediate Active RFID Tracking, without any infrastructure requirements, use the RF*IDI mobile RFID tracking solution, available on multiple computing platforms, as either a stand-alone device, or linked to an RF*IDI server database via Wi-Fi (802.11b) or a broadband-cellular connection.

Installation doesn't get any easier than this!