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Lokaytor is a group visibility solution for all iPhone users!
Lokaytor is compatible with iPhone 4, 4s and 5 using iOS 6.

The 'Go Dark' Problem

If you search for apps similar to Lokaytor, you'll find most with a common complaint; at times, the location isn't accurate or currrent. In fact, you're not even sure if a person's iPhone is on.

Status Reporting Helps

Because cell service can be intermittent, it is not always possible to stay connected with any group location app. A group member status dashboard helps you determine possible causes of an interruption. With Lokaytor, you always know the following about every group member:

  • When did they report in last?
  • What was their battery level?
  • Were Location Services turned on?
  • Were they logged into Lokaytor?
  • Was Lokaytor Active, In the Background or Sleeping?

Lokaytor sends information updates even when location doesn't change. Read more on how Lokaytor solves the 'Go Dark' problem.

Lokaytor - the Group Visibility App for All iPhone Users (4, 4s & 5)

Lokaytor is the group visibility app with just the right level of features for everyone and includes a lifetime subscription for data services with no advertising of any kind. Lokaytor has unique design features to help you locate those you care about.

Lokaytor Advantages

  • Supported by a company specializing in personnel & asset tracking
  • Secure data transmission with government approval
  • One-time purchase with lifetime data services included and no advertising of any kind
  • User forum to share experiences, report issues and request features
  • User accessible logging of all errors, helps confirm status and facilitates accurate troubleshooting
  • You control everything right from the app. No administrative website needed
  • Log In, Log Out for extra security
  • Great for kids, no links to any websites
  • App Store age rating 4+
  • Supports all regions with 10 digit phone numbers
  • Sophisticated auto-zoom gets to the best map view with one tap

Lokaytor Features

  • No limit to the number of group members
  • Post a photo from the app to represent yourself and change it at any time
  • Change your screen name at any time
  • Send a broadcast text to your group or any individual member
  • 3 automatic locate modes and 1 high-precision manual mode minimizes battery use, while delivering timely, accurate updates
  • Status dashboard reports to other group members at all times, especially important for 'Go Dark' situations, like loss of cell service
  • Tutorial / Use instructions built right into the app
  • Manually trigger a high precision GPS locate and instant update visibile to group members
  • Import phone numbers from Contacts List
  • Export route start and end points seamlessly to the Maps app

How Lokaytor is Used

  • Families confirming their loved ones are safe
  • Travel groups going into unfamiliar areas
  • Social groups that want to stay connected
  • Business groups that need to coordinate meetings
  • Capture a significant event with your iPhone camera and instantly post to your group
  • Broadcast text messages to your entire group with one tap of the group SMS button
  • Determine the approximate street address / GPS coordinates / timestamp of one or more of your group members
  • Drop a pin on a map representing a searched-for address

Privacy Policy

Lokaytor requires your phone number to manage group relationships you establish. Your phone number is secure and will never be shared.