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Mobile RFID Tracking for Tactical Situations

Mobile RFID Tracking for Tactical Situations

The RF*IDI Active RFID Tracking System can be configured for mobile RFID tracking in field environments, such as emergency response, as a self-contained multiple-location asset tracking solution when internet access is unavailable or inconvenient. Weather-sealed SmartReaders are activated in zones where asset tracking is desired. Each SmartReader can run on a 120VAC or 12VDC power source and can be equipped with 2 long-range antennas, providing up to 1000 feet of coverage in 2 directions or 400 feet in all directions, relative to each SmartReader location.

A direct 802.11 (Wi-Fi) link is established from each SmartReader to a command center laptop capable of collecting, displaying, sorting and exporting real-time data from each SmartReader individually, or all SmartReaders collectively. With optional high-gain directional antennas and in-line 2.4GHz RF amplifiers, the link between SmartReaders and the command center laptop computer can span more than a mile.

More than 10 SmartReaders can be supported with one command center laptop, enabling display and reporting of thousands of assets in diverse locations more than a mile away, all without any fixed infrastructure or need for an internet connection. There is no mobile RFID solution with this much capability for field tracking of assets in multiple locations, than the RF*IDI Mobile RFID Tracking System for tactical situations. All RF*IDI, LLC software features are supported in this deployment format. Multi-location, Mobile RFID Tracking