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Get real-time status of all your containers and high value assets with RF*IDI Active RFID Tracking technology!
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Infrastructure Costs

Total Cost of Ownership includes system installation and configuration costs, as well as any server networks and associated software required to collect raw RFID data, filter and catalog that data and present it to the end user.

Moving Data from the Tag to the Server

Fixed readers typically move large amounts of raw RFID data through network-connected infrastructure to a data processing focal point. This places high through-put demands on the network, requiring a substantial physical installation.

The RF-IDI Solution

The RF*IDI solution supports ease of installation and scalability through our SmartReader concept, where raw RFID data is filtered and cataloged at the reader itself. As a result, connectivity requirements are minimal since only processed data is uploaded to a global database through a wired, wireless or broadband cellular connection.

Why Choose the RF*IDI Asset Tracking Solution?

No one else offers this combination of multi-zone, multi-facility coverage scalable to more than 1 million assets, a fully networked mobile reader/data display solution and deployment capability without any on-site infrastructure.

Our Advantages

  • Deep experience in materials handling and logistics
  • Asset management services available
  • Available for the price of passive RFID or barcoding
  • Installation in minutes rather than months
  • No minimum infrastructure requirements
  • Superb performance in challenging physical environments
  • Supports dynamic logistics and manufacturing work flows
  • Can be integrated into an enterprise network or work in parallel
  • Provided as a service in “the cloud”
  • Return on Investment typically less than 9 months
  • Solution customized for your business needs
  • Built-in reporting capability

Problems We Address

  • Spending too much money on expedited freight
  • Wasted time locating components our suppliers claim were shipped
  • Production delays due to missing parts or containers
  • Need to reduce parts inventory to align with actual production
  • Need to know when parts were produced to manage rotation
  • Continuous loss of containers in our fleet without notification
  • Worries about supplier health and whether all our tooling is still there
  • Buying too much expendable packaging
  • Don’t have enough employees left to manually count assets
  • Don’t know how much time my employees are at their work stations
  • In-process work flow is not well coordinated

How Our System is Used

  • Tracking the movement of assets in multi-zone, multi-facility business
  • Quickly locating a particular asset within a building or complex
  • Automated inventory of assets with low asset level email alerts
  • Mobile asset tracking for use at job sites, public safety and tactical situations
  • Temporarily gathering data for business or manufacturing process improvement
  • Keeping track of your equipment at a supplier’s location
  • Recording labor hours at a particular job – eliminating employee time cards
  • Managing closed loop asset travel based on automated loop tracking metrics
  • Analyze tracking data for trends and process improvement opportunities