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Easy integration, scalable to more than 1 million assets and powerful reporting capability with the RF*IDI Active RFID Tracking solution.
Internet accessible information from either fixed or wireless, network connected mobile readers.

Active RFID & GPS Tracking for High-Value Assets

Active RFID/GPS Tracking with proven hardware, powerful software and flexible deployment options at the lowest cost in the industry. Mobile RFID Tracking  provides visibility for tactical situations. A Proof of ROI Deployment  provides data to help unlock your business potential!

Web application dashboards display at-a-glance asset movement trends. Industrial Design Innovations, Inc., an industry leader in returnable container design, prototyping and management. RF*IDI - Mobile Reader Interface, provides completely portable, real-time asset visibility.

No Infrastructure

Whether it's returnable containers, tools, sensitive material or personnel, the I-5 RFID Tracking System combines active RFID, GPS and RTLS as needed for your business case, all in one software plaform. 

And it can all be done with no infrastructure requirements at your targeted visibility location.  Drop a SmartReader in, turn it on and see your tagged assets immediately.

For the majority of competitive systems, the cost of system tuning and integration into existing networks is the single largest under-estimated cost of time and money.

Our system can be running in days, enabling you to gather meaningful data to support strategic business decisions. If integration to other business systems is desired, this can be accomplished as a parallel or incremental effort.

The result is complete visibility in an easy-to-deploy, cost-effective package that will change the way you do business.

A Proof of ROI Deployment enables your business to see what real-time asset visibility can do for you with minimal investment.

Real-Time Visibility

The I-5 RFID Tracking System provides live asset visibility updates every few minutes to your desk from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Whether it is Active RFID for expensive assets in unstructured environments, Passive RFID for item-level tracking, GPS for 24/7 mobile reader locating or RTLS for pin-point asset tracking or work-in-process monitoring, the I-5 Tracking System captures data from any combination of sources and delivers this data in one user interface.

The I-5 RFID Asset Tracking System can report status changes such as loading, unloading or other location related events within multiple facilities.

Event time-stamps enable automated inventory management of quantity and FIFO (First-In, First-Out) status.

The I-5 RFID Personnel Tracking System can provide up-to-the-moment personnel status, reporting location sorted by specific personnel criteria.

Know immediately where your people are.  Ensure the correct people are where they are needed most.

Mobile Solutions

RF*IDI, LLC has built a suite of mobile solutions for the iPhone, bringing secure visibility data to you when you're on the go.

Whether its supply chain management, emergency response or other critical assets, access the same RFID enabled data available through our desktop web-based portals.

Now, you don't have to make a phone call or wait until you return to your desk for the latest status of important assets.

Our group visibility app Lokaytor enables you to manage people in the field and confirm their location near-real-time without any hardware other than an iPhone itself.

RF*IDI draws on more than 11 years of expertise developing highly efficient, enterprise-level information management systems for a global corporation, using the latest Windows and iOS platforms and coding tools.

The RF*IDI I-5 Tracking System is powerful, lightweight, cost effective and can be deployed in a matter of days. Easy integration and scalability are built right in, bringing you visibility from anywhere, to anywhere.

RFID System Design

Based on discussions with numerous companies that have an asset visibility challenge, we hear some common themes.


Companies repeatedly tell us that the RFID solutions they studied had complex integration requirements and were difficult to use.

The I-5 RFID Tracking system is fully functional without any integration to your exising IT network.


I-5 presents data in the context of your business. Get a high-level summary or time-stamped details of all or specific events you define.

RESTful API supports interface to tablets, smart phones and external business systems.


Export custom reports directly to a printer or electronic spreadsheet from anywhere.  Get email alerts for critical events.

RESTful API access enables industry-standard methods of data exchange with other systems and devices.


RF*IDI can build a custom version of I-5 targeted specifically to your industry and provide ROI guarantees once deployed.

Read the RF*IDI White Paper to find out more about hardware decisions that affect what your system is capable of before choosing any RFID technology.